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Our live and animation teams get to work to capture your story, communicate your message, and translate it into awesome Videos that really work. From sound to script, to final edit...

Our Dictionary:



Infographics are visual graphic representations of information, data or knowledge to pass information effectively and quickly to your target audience. In order to make infographics more attractive to the audience, small graphics are used. They are created by combining various animations or graphics that helps to explain data in an engaging way.

Example - Explainer/e-training


Explainer - e-training

It’s the next best thing to a face to face with each person in your organization to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the company vision, a policy change or a new initiative.



You have introduced a new software package to your employees? Need to show in a slow easy video how your new app works? We create easy and branded screencasts for you

Example - Screencasts

Example - Live action


Live action

Energize and humanize everything from your customer testimonials to your epic events, all with the help of live video.



Promo video - Social media

You’d like to promote your event or your new product with a kick-ass promotional video? Spread the word of a new campaign through social media advertisements? Youtube, instagram, snapchat…

Example - Promo

Example - Case Study


Case study

A case study/success story is the best way of earning the confidence of a potential client for your company.